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Flash Promotions
I've been slowly learning a little bit about scripting Adobe Flash to create animated promotions for the Barn events. These are some samples of the few that I've done to date. They are basically glorified slide-shows using pictures and clip art. Some day I'll move up to the animation stuff. Slide-shows or not, they are still a great way to tell a story and I'm not sure why artist don't do there own and send them to the promoters for use. The  John Hammond promotion was my first.
Publicity Stunts
In 2006 I convinced my neighbor Grant Lugas who was fresh out of College and looking for a job that this would be a good stunt to pull off in his free time. The soybeans didn't get planted that season and this giant 60 some acre patch was just weeds. Grant drew it up, laid it out with stakes and strings and mowed it into the weeds in just a few days. The letters were about 100ft. Grant is also a pilot and we later flew over and took these pictures. He did such a good job that everyone thought the pictures were edited. They weren't. Mike's Barn is often under the western approach to Cleveland Hopkins Airport.

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Organic Compounds  May 23, 2009
Bruce Katz & Tony Monaco

A showcase of two of the hottest Hammond Organ players worlwide these days
An Evening with legendary Grammy winning Bluesman John Hammond    April 23, 2008
John Hammond, Kristine Jackson and D.C. Carnes
When Swing was King   July 25th, 2009
The Akron Big Band

A great Evening of Swing and Dinner with Ohio's oldest Big Band
The Broadside of the Barn - Jazz Edition   September 6, 2009
Luca Mundaca, Barbara Knight and Evelyn Wright

A showcase of some of Clevelands Great Ladies of Jazz


Current Schedule
Season finale 5:00 PM, Sunday, Oct. 25th. Open Session: see newsletter
Mike's Barn
October 10, 2009
The Cleveland Plain Dealer published a nice article and video (left) about Mike's Barn written by Michael Heaton and filmed by Dale Omori. Click here to read.
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