You name it the Barn needs it. Support comes in many forms. Volunteers help ready the property for the season and help staff shows. We always need firewood and charcoal. We can always use building materials for repairs to the Barn. Likewise, instruments need repaired and tuned. The list is seemingly endless.

Mike's Barn is always scouting for instrument donations and loans, especially vintage analog goodies to add to the repertoire.
Most shows cannot be done here without extra support. Ticket sales rarely cover production and talent cost for ticketed shows. On-going expenses include utilities, toilet rentals and many hospitality items right down to the bags of ice and bottles of ketchup. Typical overhead for the summer season runs about $1,200 a month and the staff is all volunteer except for professional sound and artists performing in "ticketed" shows. As you can imagine, the volunteers drink a lot of beverage($).

Your business can support shows by buying a sponsorship advertisement on the newsletters or businesses and individuals can reserve individual tables for 8 persons at featured events.

Mike's Barn is not a 501c Corporation, It's just not big enough to justify the paperwork so we can not offer tax free donations. However, advertising is a justifiable expense for qualified enterprises. Maybe someday!
Just some of the many influential contacts Mike has gained as a music Barn proprietor.
Interested in supporting a special project or perhaps our student Jazz Series? Contact Michael Yates with your interest at
Past Sponsors of Mike's Barn
Mike's Barn trys to support itself and entertain by producing or hosting several "ticketed" events each season. Shows range from visiting national acts, themed productions etc. The best way to help support Mike's Barn is simply to buy a ticket to one of the few ticketed events each year to help offset the cost of the many free events. 2009 has been the worst year ever for selling tickets and the Barn suffered losses on some shows and broke even on others. In July we started asking for donations of $5 or $10 for the Sunday sessions to help offset the expenses and pay host musicians.

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